Thanks for visiting The WellNest blog. I created this blog as a way to share any and every tip / trick / musing / thought that I could with other people who might be just like me:

1.  I work & play. I am a management consultant for the healthcare industry by day, and a tv series, knitting, blogging, wine-drinking fool by night. All the time, I’m a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, working my butt off to help people become a little bit more radiant. more curious. and well…more WELL in their own lives. It makes for a busy busy lifestyle, but I’m grateful for every minute of it. Click here for more info on a free consultation!

2. I’m a lover of all things food. Sure, I love to go out to restaurants. Eating is a social activity and I am not one to complain when a good meal, good company, and good wine is sent my way. No sireee. Sure, I love to cook and love to bake. While I do make my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and bring to work, which people continuously are amazed by, I will admit that I don’t do the cooking in my relationship. That’s my lovely bfriends home away from home so I allow him the kitchen to unwind every day – it’s the least I can do 😉 But mostly, I love learning that we really are what we eat. What we put into our mouth impacts so many different things in our bodies, and I will spend my lifetime continuously learning how all of this is connected and sharing with all of you.

3. I’m a curious Philadelphia implant. What does that mean?  It means I currently live and work in Philadelphia, but I’m not from here. So, I’m always trying to make new friends and find out about cool events taking place in the city and then drag my new friends there. There is nothing better than getting out in the place that you live and experiencing it with your own eyes.

4. I ❤ Photos. On the weekends you can typically find me with my face smashed behind my camera documenting those new recipes, fun restaurants, cool events, and just plain ol’ scenery while walking/driving/running around this place. Also, I figure my memory is going to go sooner rather than later, so may as well document while I can.

The WellNest blog is my attempt to share what I think makes us well.


Curiosity did NOT kill the cat. Questions? Comments?

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