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This morning I woke up bundled in my comforter and wasn’t sure that I’d be able to move. I could feel the cold coming in from my windows. This is it folks. The warm weather is over…winter is coming.

Ever since watching the Philly Marathon this past Sunday I’ve been on a roll motivation-wise. You hear it all the time…”If I can do this, anyone can.” But wait…. what if I have bad knees? Or have trouble breathing? Or, just get bored? (that last one is me. Without a good playlist I’m a goner)

Picture from my run on river on Tuesday

Picture from my run near river on Tuesday


Well no more I say. Half-marathon training is in full effect. I have a year. I should be able to pull this off. Right?! Some external motivation would be helpful right about now too people – sheesh 😉

I had big plans for an outdoor run this morning. Out of my apartment and about 1.5 miles to the river, 1 mile down the new running trail, and then back home. But when I woke up to frozen toes my motivation slowly drained out of me back into the comfort of my warm warm bed. Luckily I came across this treadmill workout on Tone It Up last night and had it ready and waiting on my phone to bust out at the gym.


On and off the treadmill in 30 minutes but definitely sweaty. Always a good sign 🙂 I topped off the workout with 30 minutes of arms and was out the door!

I start a new project tomorrow at work that will require travel so I’m sad to say that my AM workouts will likely take a beating. drats.

Any suggestions for quick but awesome cardio workouts that I could do in the AM? What is your favorite motivation tactic?