Have you met Cody?

Cody has recently been deemed my new very best friend. 🙂 lucky guy. Cody is versatile. Always changing. Always motivating me. He shows me the latest cool things and tells me when I’m doing a good job. Everyone should have one like him. Oh yea..and he’s an app

For a while now I have been looking for a good fitness app. One that I can track my workouts in but doesn’t give me meaningless stats. Just simple, but motivating. I’m equating Cody with Instagram except totally dedicated to fitness. You can follow friends, trainers, or randoms who have killer biceps. It’s all cool. By posting a picture of your workout in the am and giving a short description of what it is, you post and then let your social network do the work! You can also see what other people are posting (similar to Instagram stalking) and mimic their workouts.

This morning, I completed this workout courtesy of Back On Point:



And posted this pic on Cody:codyOf course I’m not perfect and I don’t always remember – but it’s a great tracking device to see how far you’ve come and where you can still improve. Feel free to friend me on Cody (Jennifer Anne) and maybe I can be your new best friend too!! I swear I’m a good motivator 🙂

note: I hate taking so-called “selfies” of myself working out so if you’re like me in that sense it’s totally ok – there are pictures already loaded in there that you can use.