Version 2.0 is a GO!

I’m not sure yet if I feel like I’m reinventing myself. Or simply ending one chapter and moving onto the next? But it feels…good. nostalgic. a bit scary. but overall satisfying to put one thing behind me and keep on trucking towards the new.

If you used to follow me over at Nutmegger, thank you so so much for staying tuned and continuing on with my musings. Always gotta hope someone is reading!

My old blog used to be odds and ends of my daily life. What I saw, ate, experienced. All in an attempt to try and live life to the fullest. The WellNest blog, is a more refined, structured, Jenny – or so I’ll say at the beginning at least.

A Jenny who will focus on healthy tips I’ve learned over the years or come across during my time as traveling consultant, certified health coach, and regular ol’ 20-something-lady-of-sorts. So I’m completely focused now, I swear … 😉 Oh ya and like I said, I’m a officially a Certified Health & Wellness Coach now and cannot wait to start getting to know all of you and help you through some potentially tough or frustrating times (just reach out on the Health Coaching tab above!). Trust me. I’ve been there. and I can attest that there is nothing more healing than an open ear to listen. And open arms for a big hug, but I’m on the internet so unfortunately, I can’t offer that just yet. But who knows the internet is crazy so maybe sooner rather than later…focus jenny focus…

Feel free to comment or email all day any day with anything you want to share! You’re in the trust tree../..the nest. 🙂